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Little, Few

Little, Few  

created by tintin6 on 18 Apr 14
Medium level (61% of success)    8 questions - 89 players
'little' and 'a little' are used with uncountable nouns (singular).
'few' and 'a few' are used with countable nouns (plural).
Will you have ... milk with your coffee? Yes, please.
Katy's father is very busy, he has ...free time.
My granddaughter has got ...friends. She is often alone.
I'm so tired! I'd like to have ... days holiday.
Why don't you wait ... ? My mother would be glad to see you.
I go to England quite often. I have ...friends in London.
There is very ... butter left in the fridge. Could you go to the grocer's?
I won't be back late. There are ... buses after 10 pm.
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Good job!!

19 April 14