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Melbourne's Train - Quiz 1

Melbourne's Train - Quiz 1  

created by hmtmelptg… on 10 Dec 13, enabled by Lou
Medium level (80% of success)    10 questions - 309 players
To test your knowledge about Melbourne's Train system.
What is the main station for Melbourne's suburban Metro trains?
This station is not in the city but it is underground with a shopping centre directly on top of it. What station is it?
I am a electric train with openable windows. Who am I?
Which station is shown in the picture displayed?
Which station would I have to go to catch a Skybus to Melbourne Airport?
I am a station will really high escalators? Who am I?
At what station would I hear this announcement when the train is approaching it? "... . change here for Pakenham and Cranbourne services"
Which of these is not a station in Melbourne?
What station is shown in the photograph provided?
What is the ticketing system that Melbourne uses for their public transport system?
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