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created by Oranges on 1st Nov 13
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Diversity quiz for business admin lvl 3.
Andrea, Gaynor, Kirstie & Rebecca
What is workplace diversity?
What is not a protected characteristic of equality and diversity?
Is it a legal requirement to have an equality and diversity policy and procedures?
True or false : Bullying, harassment or victimization are also regarded as equality and diversity issues.
How many protected characteristics are covered by the Equality Act?
You need to point out one of your colleagues to someone requesting help. How do you describe him?
You're in town shopping and a person politely asks you where the nearest toilets are. You're unsure if they are male or female. What do you say?
True or false : If you were picked on at work because you were friends with a gay man, you could take action against your employer?
Your valued assistant has recently returned from maternity leave. She asks whether she can work part-time, sharing the job with her former temporary replacement. Do you :
You're keen to have a diverse workplace and know that people from minority ethnic groups are under-represented in your organisation. A post has become vacant. Do you ______________ ?

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