Erikson's Trivia  

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Case study quiz on Erik Erikson's eight stages of development. Choose which stage goes with the following situation.
Helga spends most of her time in her retirement home and likes to visit her doctor once a week. She never wants to go out and get involved.
Adrian wants to help feed his dog. He gets the box of dog food but spills it everywhere.
Kristina and Tom just got married and moved out of their houses with their parents and started living together.
Jane and Jack set up a lemonade stand in their front lawn. They make signs, drag the table out and help their mom make the lemonade. They decide to give all the money they make to the local shelter.
Maddie is often left crying in her crib. When she gets fed, she is propped up and has to hold the bottle herself, since she can't the bottle often falls and she is left crying.
John wants to graduate from high school but has no plans for post secondary. He spends all his time playing video games instead of completing his community hours to graduate from high school.
Daniel wants to help out with making dinner, he tries to set the table but breaks a plate and doubts his abilities.

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