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Was, were, is, am, are  

created by belajargr… on 28 Dec 12
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Where ... John? He ... in the bedroom now.
I am so sorry, I could not come to your party last night. I ... busy.
The cat is funny. I bought it last week. It always plays under the table. My sister likes it very much. She says, "the cat ... my favorite animal. "
A : Where do you go every morning? B : I go to work. A : Where do you work? B : In City Bank. A : Oh... my sister works there too B; Really A : Yeah. She didn't go to work yesterday. hmm my sister ... Anny.
Antoni and I are a great soccer player. We ... the best soccer player.
What ... the dog eating now?
What ... the dog eating when I slept 20 minutes ago?
Riding a bike is my hobby. I rode a bike to my sister's house yesterday. it ... fantastic.
A : Are you happy now? B : No, I am not A : Why? B : Because my girl friend ... not here now.
Jambi is a small city. There ... a big river in Jambi. It's Batang Hari RIver.
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