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Becoming More Assertive  

created by zmonahan on 3 Dec 12, enabled by Lou
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Becoming More Assertive
In the lunch line at work someone decides to cut in front of you. How should you react?
Your friend has just gone through a tough break-up and needs support, but you're extremely tired and irritable from a long day's work. Your cell phone rings and it's her.
You've just planned a trip to visit your family for Christmas next week. The company you work for suddenly gets a new project and wants your help over the vacation because of tight deadlines.
You're in an argument with a friend; you tend to be most concerned with :
Your co-workers are making inappropriate jokes at your expense. What should you do?
You are meeting with a group to work on a school project. They show up 30 minutes late. What should you do?
You have a friend that is always reasonably late to everything. How do you react?
Your cousin that you are around often tends to insult you indirectly, constantly pointing out your flaws. What should you do?
Your girlfriend/boyfriend somehow always makes you the center of jokes when others are around. You explain to him/her how it hurts you & they respond by telling you that you need to develop a defence.
At a restaurant, you wait a very long time until the waiter finally brings your food and to top it off it's very cold. What do you do?
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