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FG Weekly Quiz

FG Weekly Quiz  

created by FarmersGu… on 21 Nov 12, enabled by Lou
Hard level (46% of success)    7 questions - 304 players
Farmers Guardian weekly quiz.
Wheat reached record prices last week adding to an already brutal year for pig and poultry producers. What was the price per tonne?
Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead and representatives from the Scottish food and drink industry are visiting where this week?
Where is Abergavenny livestock market moving to after campaigners lost a long-running legal battle last week?
What is the Farmers Union of Wales supporting at this month's Royal Welsh Winter Fair?
How many Staffordshire farmers won their appeal to overturn a decision to designate land near the River Dove as a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ)?
Name the Welsh farmer who has been jailed after pleading guilty to flouting bovine TB regulations.
Which supermarket is rolling out direct contracts with beef and pig farmers from January?
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