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Current Events 2012  

created by yellowpap… on 20 Nov 12, enabled by Lou
Hard level (40% of success)    10 questions - 184 players
This is intended to refresh your knowledge on the things of recent occurrence
How many votes in the electoral college did the re-elected American President Obama get to win?
What is considered the costliest Hurricane in the History of the U. S. ?
In October, the Taliban forces allegedly shot this 14-year-old Pakistani activist due to her outspoken stand against the rebel group and her love for education.
Who is the founder of the controversial WikiLeaks? (website that hurled corruption accusations against world governments)
After the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, how many medals did the swimmer Michael Phelps garner? (to make it to the world record of the highest number of Olympic medals won)
According to Forbes 2012, who is the richest man alive?
Which country became the latest addition to the World Trade Organization?
This tennis superstar regained the no. 1 rank after winning the Wimbledon Titles last July 2012 :
The political activist in Myanmar who has recently regained freedom after 20 years of house arrest :
According to Forbes 2012, who is the most powerful woman in the world today?
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