Technology Literacy  

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A basic test of computer literacy.
You spelled the same word wrong 10 times while typing a research paper. What is the most efficient way to correct all of these mistakes in one step?
Which word processor tool would you use to find a synonym for a word?
Which software would you use to type a document?
Which software would you use to prepare a presentation for your class?
Which software would you use to collect numeric data and display charts and graphs from the data you collected?
Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are all examples of what type of software?
Which of these tools could you use to communicate with your classmates on a class project?
What does this web address tell you about the following website : http : //www. mit. edu
Using a picture from the internet without properly citing the picture's source is an example of :
You have a file named "something. DOC", which program would you most likely use to open and view this type of file?
Using Wikipedia as a SOLE source of information for a research paper can be inappropriate because :
Susan posted inappropriate pictures of one of her friends on her Facebook page. Which of the following is true :
In a document, text at the top and bottom of the page, which is repeated on all pages of the document, is called :
Which of the following is NOT a social networking website :
You are asked to report about safe and acceptable use of technology to a student council meeting. Which of the following would allow you to combine images, audio, and video for the presentation?
For correct keyboarding, what is the placement of fingers on the home row keys?
You have typed a document and want to save a copy so that you don't loose it. Which of the following would be a way to do this?
Which of the following are examples of computer HARDWARE :
What is the smallest and most portable file storage device :
Why should you never post your personal information over the internet?
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