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Legend of the seeker  

created by alexx777k… on 28 Jul 12, enabled by jimmy
Medium level (82% of success)    10 questions - 171 players
How well do you think you know legend of the seeker
What does Kahlan give to Richard when they met at Zedd's house
What is the cartographers (map maker's) name in episode 2 season 1?
When the seeker visits brenidon, who pretends to be his mother, what's her name?
A mord sith, denna trains richard in season 1, who does he almost kill after his training was finished?
When zedd pretends to be a puppeteer for princess violets birthday, who helps him get the box of orthan?
When the seeker meets renn, the listener, what food does renn make richard cook?
What does renn, the listener tells kahlan, before he goes to tendore
Why doesn't kahlan tell richard about her feelings for him after she finds out that richard is inlove with her.
Richards sister, jennsen, has a power, what power?
Who, along with the seeker and the three boxes of othan dissapears with richard into the future
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