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Drug IQ from DrugFreeAZ.com
Which of the following drugs are addictive?
Spice is a synthetic drug that mimics :
The term “chasing the dragon” refers to
What are OTC drugs?
Bath salts, a form of synthetic meth, can also be called?
A prescription pain reliever can be dangerous when taken by those who are not prescribed it. How many 12th graders in Arizona have tried prescription pain relievers to get high?
Marijuana was a contributing factor in how many emergency room visits nationwide in 2008?
Teenagers do a lot of crazy things like using drugs or alcohol. Some of their decisions can be tied to “teen” brain. At what age in the brain fully developed?
What percentage of Arizona teens have had an alcoholic drink by 8th grade?
It's Friday night and your child comes home smelling like alcohol. You should :

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