Website Evaluation Pretest  

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Test out your knowledge of website evaluation with this quick pretest!
A domain name tells you where the information on a site was found.
It is not necessary for a website to provide the name of an author or organization responsible for the site, as long as the site appears to be credible.
In the URL, a tilde (~) usually indicates a personal web directory rather than being part of the organization's official web site.
A reliable website does not need to include the date for when the site was updated, because then nobody will know when it was created.
Having contact information available for the author or organization of a website is important.
The most reliable websites are the ones sponsored by commercial organizations holding the domain name (.com).
A biased website tells both sides of a story or problem.
The author of a site does not need to give credit for unoriginal information used as long as they provide a list of links to sites that provide similar information.
Websites that are designed to advertise and sell products are not considered reliable sources of information.

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