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Creating a single observation from multiple records  

created by tomowsiak on 23 Mar 12, enabled by Alex
Hard level (43% of success)    8 questions - 45 players
Chpater 20 from the book
You can position the input pointer on a specific record by using. .
Which pointer type is used to read multiple records sequentially?
Which can be used to read records non sequentially?
Imagine a name on one line, address below it and then csz below it. . and so on for all the records in the file. . which will turn multiple lines into one record inside sas?
Which line can read a file from the fourth record of a file and then return to the first record of the file?
How many records will be read everytime this code executes? input #1 item $ color $ #3 @8price comma6. #2 fabric $ #3 sku $ 1-6;
If this is the third line of a dataset, which reads it correctly as the first thing? chapel hill north carolina 27713
Which program wouldn't read the values in the first record as "item" and the values in the second record as two variables named "inventory" and "type"
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