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Reading date and time values  

created by tomowsiak on 23 Mar 12, enabled by Alex
Hard level (48% of success)    10 questions - 112 players
Chapter 19 from the book
Sas stores dates as the number of days from when?
Why store time and dates as numeric values?
Sas doesn't adjust for daylight, but it adjust for what?
Data has the form 10222001, which informat should be used to read it?
The minimum width of the time informat is?
Which combination of date and informat used to read it is incorrect?
What's the default value of the year cutoff system option?
Suppose the input data file contains the date expression 13apr2009 the year cutoff is 1910. . how will sas read it?
Suppose the data has a date field like 12/08/1925. . the year cutoff system option is set to 1920. . how will this be read with MMDDYY08
Suppose your program creaets two variables from an input file. . both are dates. . one is the beginning of a billing cycle and the other the end. . how should you find the total # of days in the cycle
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