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Reading free format data  

created by tomowsiak on 23 Mar 12, enabled by Alex
Hard level (55% of success)    10 questions - 21 players
Quiz on free formatted data from book
Is this data free format or fixed field? fred johnson 18 usc 1 ashley ferris 20 ncsu 3 beth rosemont 21 unc 4
Which input style should be used to read in free format data?
Which program snippet will create a comma delimited file from a sas data set?
Fred johnson 18 usc 1 which reads this correctly?
Elaine : friedman : wilmington : 2102 which should be used to read this kind of data?
If you have missing values in the last field of a record, can you use missover to read the read?
If a datafile has a lastname field we count to be 12 characters, which option should we use to avoid truncating the data?
Unc asheville 2, 712 (embedded blanks) how should this data be read?
Chocolate chip 10, 453 (embdedded blanks) (read past the embedded space and comma) which correctly reads data like this
1868 U of california berkeley 31, 612 which reads this correctly?
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