SAS DO loops  

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Quiz on do loops from the book
Which statement is false regarding "do" loops?
How many times does this code run? data work. earnings; amount=1000; rate=0. 075/12; do month=1 to 12; amount+amount*rate; format amount dollar12. ; output; end; run;
If 5000 is invested on Jan 1 of each year for 15 years, complete the data step so as to determine the value of the account after 15 years at a constant 10 percent return rate.
What would be the stored value for year in the following? do year=1999 to 2004; capital+5000;capital+capital*. 1;end;run;
Which of the following is false regarding this code? data work. invest; do year=1990 to 2004; capital+5000;capital+capital*. 1;output;end;run;
How many observations will there be in work. earn? data work. earn; value=2000; do year=1 to 20; interest=value*0. 075; value+interest;output;end;run;
Which line generates the same records as this code? do until(capital gt 500000);
Complete the statement so that the program stops generating observations when distance is 250 miles or when 10 gallons of fuel have been used?
Which would be used to compare the result of investing 4000 a year for five years in three differnt banks that compound interest monthy?
Do loops can be used to sample data in a random way ?

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