Famous but dead  

created by booboo on 25 Apr 08
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They made the best series and best movies of our childhood, do you remember them ?
He was member of the 'A-team' and died in May 2004, who is he ?
Who was Professor Dumbledore and died on 25th October 2002
Who is this artist called Jean-Alexis Moncorgé, who died in 1976 ?
Who played Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright (Bonanza) and died on 1st of July 1991 ?
What is the name of Catherine Deneuve's sister, dead on 26th of June 1967 ?
She was the sister in 'Diff'rent strokes', from 1978 to 1984. She died in 1999. Who is she ?
Who is the most famous 'gendarme', who died on 27th of January 1983 ?
He played Artemus Gordon, and died on 3rd of July 1981, who is he ?
He played in 'Midnight Express' and died in September 1991 ?
He was Dr Backer in 'The Little House on the Prairie' and died on 9th July 2005. Who is he ?
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