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Just for fun quiz - Year 6  

created by cookiecoc… on 27 Oct 11, enabled by jimmy
Medium level (65% of success)    10 questions - 13 139 players
Good day everyone. Here is a fun multiple choice quiz for you to have a go at. You may need to use your research skills in order to answer some of the questions. Come back tomorrow to see a new quiz!
Which country has the largest population?
Is Jamaica North or South of the equator?
Which three colours make up the Norwegian flag?
What is a bobsled track made of?
Which famous tennis tournament takes place in South West London every summer?
Who has sold more records?
What kind of animal appears at the start of MGM movies since April, 1924?
What was the name of the great white shark in Finding Nemo?
How many pieces do you cut a pie into if you bisect it?
How many minutes can the giant armadillo hold its breath?
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