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Think you know a lot about the Transformers franchise? Then prove it by acing our Ultimate 'Transformers' Quiz!
In what year is the 1986 animated film 'The Transformers : The Movie' set?
In the first live-action film, what structure does the US government build to conceal the location of the 'Allspark'?
In the early 1980's, what American toy company purchased the 'Transformers' toy line from its Japanese creator?
In what year did 'The Transformers' TV series first air?
Who was the voice of Optimus Prime in both the original animated series as well as the Michael Bay films?
In the original live-action film, the character of Mikaela Banes (played by Megan Fox) is on parole for what crime?
In the live-action movies, Shia LaBeouf's character is named Sam Witwicky. What is Witwicky's first name in the original animated series?
In 2009, 'Revenge of the Fallen' won the infamous Razzie award in which category?
Which of the following celebrities lent their voice to 1986 animated film, 'The Transformers : The Movie'?
While auditioning for her role, Michael Bay allegedly forced actress Megan Fox to wash what?
From what planet do the Transformers originally hail?

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