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Pelvis and Thigh  

created by angelaxio… on 21 Apr 11, enabled by jimmy
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Quiz 1
Which area of the body, usually comprised of both large muscles and large quantities of adipose, is especially good for explording tissue differences?
Which of the following is NOT part of the coxal bone?
Which two bones are considered part of both the pelvis and the vertebral column?
Which is the longest, heaviest and strongest bone in the body?
When comparing two pelvises, you notice that the first one has a wider iliac crest and a greater distance between ischial tuberosities than the second. What might you conclude about the first?
What are the bony landmarks that feel like superficial tips below the waistline underneath the front pants pockets?
What is a common attachment site for both the satorius muscle and the inguinal ligament?
What can be palpated by following the superior portion of the ilum from the ASIS to the PSIS?
Which pair of bony landmarks can usually be identified by two small dimples at the base of the lower back?
Which bony landmarks are often called 'sits bones'?
Which landmark serves as a common attachment site for the hamstrings and adductor magnus?
Which structure can be located by sliding your fingers inferiorly four to six inches from the middle of the iliac crest, along the lateral thigh?
Which landmark serves as an attachment site for the rectus femoris?
The coccyx is located near which topographical feature?
What is the name of the horizontal line between the buttock and thigh?
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