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Find the sport

Find the sport  

created by julien on 12 Feb 21
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Thanks to the animals !
Which sports federation allows its practitioners to exercise their sport in an octagonal cage ?
In this sport, just like the kangaroo, you have to know how to use your fists and your feet !
In which sport do we practice tiger boxing ?
In competition, white pants are mandatory in this sport !
In this sport, the main accessory is always speckled !
In this sport, the main accessory is always speckled !
In this sport, the tail contributes to the long-range accuracy !
To practice this sport, it is essential to have a good vertical relaxation !
It is often a hook that puts an end to this sport !
Knowing how to practice the Iron Cross is essential in this sport !
In this sport, you can, occasionally, do the reverse-scissors !

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