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Find the title of the film

Find the title of the film  

created by julien on 12 Feb 21
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Thanks to the animal !
In icy conditions, their seaplane has crashed into a lake, at all costs they must reach their base, but a huge predator is lurking...
Escaped from a place of sacrifice, this Native American improvises a blowpipe and uses the venom of a frog to kill one of his enemies !
Smart, Hedwig, she comes to look for him in her room !
In this animated film, he puts the small dishes in the big !
Captured when young, they will find their mother !
Extend his fangs, and you'll find him in this movie where the young hunter D'leh saves him from death !
The wolves attack their reindeer, so Serguëi stalks them mercilessly, until one day ... he finds a wolf and her wolf cubs ! !
He never stops playing cat... perched !
He shows a lot of authority, the White Witch, bof, not even afraid !
In this comic book, which gave rise to an animated film, he is adored by our ancestors, a potion that is self-denial !

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