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created by Zyq on 23 Nov 07
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This game, released in 2000 by Blizzard Entertainment, is a dark fantasy-themed action role-playing game in a hack and slash style :
The game, released in 1999, and whose hero is an amnesic called The Nameless One, is notable for the quality and quantity of textual dialogue it contains, around 800,000 words. The champion of chattering!
FPS released in 1996 by Apogee, is perhaps the first FPS truly successful. Main feature: we are still waiting for a promised sequel.
FPS released in 2000 by Activision. Criticism were filled with wonder by the location of the damage caused by the arms of mercenary. One of the first FPS really bloody.
This game, released in 1998 by Interplay, has a very elaborate scenario beginning after a cataclysm. A sequel, impatiently awaited, will be released in 2008. Or 2009.

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I hope you mean avatar in last air bender

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slut slag

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23 October 13
I used to play to Soldier of Fortune (1&2) when I was 8-9

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