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K-pop songs in 2014

K-pop songs in 2014  

created by LumicPlan… on 1st May 19, enabled by MWAPOLENI
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Here's a quiz about K-pop songs that came out in 2014.
Which K-pop boy band from JYP Entertainment released its full-length first album in 2014 with the hit song "Stop Stop It"?
In February 2014, the singer released the song "Some" with Junggigo. For being part of which group is she known?
In 2014, AOA girl band made its biggest commercial success. But with what song?
In 2014, HyunA released her third solo album with MV "Red". With which solo artist did she make a famous featuring in 2012?
What is the name of the very first GOT7 song, released in January 2014?
In March 2014, the girl band 2NE1 released its video "Come Back Home" which became one of its biggest hits. Which South Korean agency does the group belong to?
In August 2014, the boy band Super Junior released his new album. What is the name of his hit song?
In February 2014, Girls' Generation released its 4th album with the song "Mr. Mr." which is a great success. It's the same year that Jessica left the band, to continue ...
What other band made its debut in 2014 with the song "Happiness"?
In July 2014, the girl band Sistar released its new song which became its biggest success. Which is it?
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