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Hit That Perfect Beat

Hit That Perfect Beat  

created by Huggie on 24 Feb 19, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Hard level (73% of success)    10 questions - 3 players
One more 80's music quiz before the big night...
9th of March 2019 Woonona Bulli RSL 7PM
Which band 'book ended' the 80's with a No. 3 hit in OZ - '79/80 and then a No. 1 hit in OZ '89/90?
So… what would those two songs be?
In 2000, the Bloodhound Gang sang a song making a reference to a famous 80's band. What was the reference?
How many Mel & Kim songs made it into the OZ top 40 in the 80's?
The JAM (Justified Ancients of Moo Moo) had several different identities in the 80's… which one was based on a TV show?
When did Prince release the song 1999?
In 1987, who sang the OZ pop song "She's The One"?
OK, so "The Cicada That Ate Five Dock" wasn't an OZ band in the 80's but it was a song … who sang it?
Who sang the song "Stool Pigeon"?
Who gave us the album "Combat Rock" in 1982?
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