How well do you know Funneh and the Krew?  

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Bro, I'm a kid and I know Funneh as well as anyone!
Which member of the Krew mostly talks about toast tiger in Funneh's Krewcraft videos?
Which Krew member has her/his birthday on Halloween?
In Krewcraft, what did Funneh do to destroy her builds for the last video for the series?
What day does Funneh post her lifestreams (which most people look forward to)?
What is Funneh's real name besides Funneh?
Which Krew member does speed art and draws great?
Which pair of Krew members in Funneh's Roblox Family vids wanted cute and scary side by side in Funneh's birthday vid?
Did Funneh ever make a video explaining how much stress she was in and saying she was quitting?
Who are in the Krew : Funneh's friends or members of her family?
Which series blew up on Funneh's channel?
Is Funneh the oldest child of her family?
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20 Mau 20
Hey i made this quiz and i will listen to anyone !!!!

20 December 18