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How I Met Your Mother - Desperation Day  

created by SSEcoach on 16 May 18, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Medium level (70% of success)    9 questions - 3 players
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What is Barney's favorite day of the year?
What name does Barney give to February 13th?
Thousands of years ago, why did Saint Valentine perform secret weddings on February 14th?
What would happen to Saint Valentine if he was caught performing weddings by Roman officials?
According to Barney, who was Saint Valentine's best friend?
According to Barney, what does Saint Desperatius do on February 13th?
In line 8, what does ‘Her body is perfect X.' mean?
According to Barney, what does every woman want on Valentine's Day?
According to Barney, how do women feel on February 13th if they do not have a date for Valentine's Day?
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