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Friends - Chandler is stuck in an ATM  

created by SSEcoach on 9 May 18, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Hard level (59% of success)    9 questions - 26 players
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Where are Chandler and Jill trapped?
At first, Chandler could not remember Jill's name, how did he remember Jill's name?
When Chandler and Jill are trapped, how did they ask for help to others?
What happened when Chandler tried to get Jill's attention by smiling at her?
Why did Chandler tell Monica to put Joey on the phone?
What can you infer from Chandler's rejection to Jill's gum which is not sugarless? How does he feel about not accepting the gum?
Why did Chandler think about blowing a bubble?
What happened when Chandler found out that the gum he was chewing was someone else's gum?
Why did Chandler tell his account number to the camera at the end?
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