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Features of the game in Slotsspot

Features of the game in Slotsspot  

created by BryanClif… on 22 Dec 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Medium level (21% of success)    8 questions - 6 players
When was the first online casino opened?
When was the first online casino opened?
The first mass popular and successful online game is :
In 1895, in the first slot machine on 3 reels with a mechanical drive, there were 20 card symbols. If there were 3 such symbols in the game, the jackpot was :
Who gives out winnings to participants and takes the lost stakes?
In the first half of the XIX century, what game caused the bankruptcy of many noble families in different countries of Europe?
What card game is recognized as a sport?
The first gambling centre in the USA is :
A player can double the bet and get exactly one card at the same time. What is the name of this rule?
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