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It's lunchtime at Jerry's!  

created by Alecb on 7 Dec 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
8 questions - 10 players
Do you have what it takes to help Rose fulfill her sandwich orders and summon the demon Beelzebub at the same time?
"Hey can I get a southern and a small smoothie?"
Orders keep piling up! What do you do?
Oh golly gee. The blender stopped working.
It's the cross-country team. I don't have time for this shit! How do you help Rose get rid of them?
You are out of blood for the sacrifice. What do you do?
Kids are asking about the flickering lights and smells of burning flesh from the back room. What do you say?
On a complete side note...how did you guys feel about that 4th Harry Potter movie?
Back to business. A chasm to hell has opened up on the basketball court in Markin. What do you do?

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