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The lives of animals

The lives of animals  

created by moquette on 17 Aug 17
Medium level (75% of success)    10 questions - 26 players
True or false !
A female of herring can lay between 50 000 and 200 000 egs !
A troop of huge otters of Amazonia can kill a ground up caiman !
It is in Africa where you can see these birds !
There are cicadas in Amazonia !
The thread of the spider is more resistant that the steel !
In Europe, you can fish for surface water fish of more than 100kg !
In France, there is another population of wild hamsters !
The wild harpy is the most powerful eagle of the world, he lives in Asia !
Certain sorts (species) of ants sound kamikazes, they blow up on their enemies !
The biggest predatory mammal of the world is the polar bear !
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20 April 20

19 August 17
Very good !

19 August 17
Cool ! That's all I can say in English. lol

18 August 17
J'ai pris des silures en Saône, à la cuillère ondulante, en plein été, en surface et en plein soleil, A albi, ils attaquent les pigeons au bord de la rivière, en pleine journée, idem en Espagne à Mequinenza où je les ai vus chasser en surface dans la journée !

18 August 17