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Movie Themes Quiz 1

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A fun quiz to test your puzzling skills as well as your movie knowledge



The Mom of Lourd has fun with a Ford while a muppet trains an orphan's brain to fight the dark with a card shark.


Two friends try to keep their pledge not to sleep with each other at all but it proves a vain hope, and then they try to cope : it ends in a ball.


A Fonda tries to convince some guys to think some more on their task before a wrong is done but the Fonda's just one!


The Enterprise travels in time as everything's not fine for their future is poor unless they ensure that a ship leaves the earth for its original birth.


Heroes emerge on Earth and in space, and against time they all must race to resolve when disaster strikes but dying hard it is not like.


Love conquers all - even war - in this story of passion and more : where one woman vows, her loves and her rows ends with a pledge at a door.


Clint goes west and leaves his rest to make a few dollars, though without a holler, by killing cowboys who attacked a hooker or two.


Arnie blows up things - oh what a surprise! He has a wedding ring but it is a lie. He doesn't sing but his first life dies.


Oscar came here for the very first time, and one of its principal actors was primed to find very soon that it would be at noon when to him came a great deal of fame.


Here is an easy one with which to conclude, it's all about where you will find a big brood. Here there are comments on licensing dads, adult fun in cars and parenting fads!