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Groovenics lyrics

Groovenics lyrics  

created by Gnics on 10 Jan 17, enabled by MWAPOLENI
Medium level (84% of success)    7 questions - 18 players
Can you complete the lyrics?
(She's A Freak) - "You're like McDonald's ketchup it's…"
(Just Right) - "I came to fix all of you silent calm feels somewhat new..."
(Scratch n Sniff) - "Half my life I was lead to believe..."
(Chopsticks) - "Dear sorrow, disarray..."
(Teach Me) - "Opening everyone's life to see..."
(Booty Barn) - "You got that rump shaker..."
(Spooky) - "All I can hear are the sounds of my sins..."
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Thanks for this quiz but too easy lol I stumbled upon this quiz but of course took it and I would have really pissed at myself if I didn't get them all right.

29 June 17