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How much do you know about Alaura?

How much do you know about Alaura?  

created by Alaura36 on 18 Nov 17
Medium level (86% of success)    7 questions - 5 players
Alaura, the hottest demon of all
Alaura's mother's name is :
Alaura had two husbands, now she has only one.
Who did she divorce?
Alaura has two children. Who are they?
Alaura had her first child at 20 and her second child at 22. She is now 36. How old are her children?
What was Alaura's last name before she got married?
Alaura has a pet lizard called Matt. Why did she name it that?
What percent fire and what percent water is Alaura?
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Nice quiz

24 November 17