What is your favorite Disney ?

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What is your favorite Disney ?   
3 Sep 15, 10h20
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Here, give your favorite Disney !
For me, it is "Mulan".

Re: What is your favorite Disney ?   
25 Dec 15, 4h06
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   My favorite Disney is "Toy Story".

Re: What is your favorite Disney ?   
24 Feb 20, 16h55


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   It’s not your typical kind of Disney movie. Lilo and Nani are not “princesses.” (I hate all of the princess shit Disney had been promoting for the past 40 years. I don’t see how winning a birth lottery is something girls should aspire to.) They’re minorities, they come from an underprivileged family. Nani’s struggle with supporting the family while taking care of her little sister feels authentic. And the family, which indeed gets better at the end of the movie, doesn’t become super rich. The girls don’t discover some ridiculous treasure or uncover long lost famous/rich parents who solve all their problems. It’s still a broken family of two sisters trying to make a life for themselves.

It’s about family and friendship and the movie didn’t make romance or “true love” the theme of the movie. Nani had a boyfriend, but their relationship was never the focus of the movie. There’s no Prince Charming or dashing rogue coming to rescue.

And considering it came out back in 2002, it’s pretty refreshing. We have to wait for another 15 years for a minority girl featured in a Disney movie who didn’t end up with some Prince Charming.

On top of all that, the movie was gorgeous. It is the last watercolor animation feature film Disney made. The Hawaiian environment is beautifully rendered, with a full panel of watercolor background.

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