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Have you a tattoo ?

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Have you a tattoo ?   
12 Aug 10, 18h23
   Or a lot of tattoo. What is the motive for the tattoo ?

Re: Have you a tattoo ?   
30 Dec 11, 8h04
   Yes, I have a Malabar Tatoo

Re: Have you a tattoo ?   
1st Jun 12, 10h47
   no, I dont have a Malabar Tatoo.


Re: Have you a tattoo ?   
20 Jul 12, 13h16


Registered on 20 Jul 12
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   Even I don't have it but going to do it soon.
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Re: Have you a tattoo ?   
27 Dec 16, 12h51
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Registered on 7 Apr 16
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   I don't have tatoo, I'm so young and I don't want this

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