What are your cartoon disney prefered ?

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Re: What are your cartoon disney prefered ?   
24 Feb 20, 16h56


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   The Lion King. Why? It honest to god changed my life.

When I was in 9th grade, I really didn’t have a handle of who I was. I was extremely shy, and my only friends were really a group of girls that I had little in common with and that I felt very awkward around. Deciding to indulge in some nostalgia, I started watching a different Disney movie every night, because I didn’t have a job, or really any hobbies, and I wasn’t involved in any extracurriculars. After about a week I got to The Lion King. I distinctly remember my mother walking downstairs and seeing me in full sob after Mufasa’s Death. The movie touched me just like when I was a kid.

I should also mention that around this time I started experimenting with drawing, but I wasn’t super invested in it. It was only when I decided to draw a piece of Lion King Fanart that I got more interested.

Except that one piece of fanart led to two, which led to three, and four, and five…

Drawing Lion King literally became my hobby. It gave me a sense of identity, and gave me the courage to branch out and become more confident in myself. I made more friends, joined theatre, and starting drawing more and more.

Six years later and I’m currently attending University as an Art Major, with hopes of getting into the Visual Development field. As for Lion King Fanart…

I still draw it to this day.

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