The tenor abruptly changed

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The tenor abruptly changed   
17 Sep 22, 4h01

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   On Wednesday, the Chiefs announced that they are trading Tyreek Hill over to the Dolphins in exchange for five picks, including the first rounder of 2022 for Miami. The announcement was made just one week after the Packers dealt Davante Avery to the Raiders for another slew of picks. Adams was signed to a 5-year, $141.5 million deal. Hill earned his share too and was awarded a record four-year, $120M deal that makes him the highest paid player in Madden NFL 23 history.

Both have Jaguars to be grateful for.

Jacksonville's biggest splash on the opening day of free agency was luring Christian Kirk to North Florida with a four-year$72 million contract that could cost up to $84 million if he hits goals for performance escalators. It was a king's ransom for a player who was a constant third-party option with the Cardinals offense, and who only earned significant time as an active player in 2021. when he was able to record 982 yards. Based on a promise, coupled with the obligation to pay a "bad team tax" the Jaguars completely destroyed the wide receiver market in only one deal. Kirk wasn't just 27th in the league in receiving yards last year, he wasn't even viewed as the best player in this class of free agents -- so when he was paid as an elite cornerstone of the franchise, everything shifted.

The tenor abruptly changed. It became obvious Green Bay wasn't going to be able to sign Adams for the lengthy extension they hoped which led to his departure. Hill was in discussions with the Chiefs and the Chiefs, but now money had become the key issue. The Chiefs aren't the only ones to blame Adams or Hill in this case. If one of them like Kirk is earning $74 million, with a guaranteed $37M -- it's within reason that two of the Madden NFL 23's greatest players are worth nine-figure contracts.

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