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Re: Hello   
23 Aug 09, 21h50
Membre Confiance

 56 years old, Roosendaal
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Registered on 25 Jul 09
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   I like snooker,in my hometown of roosendaal we have twoo large poolcenters,it s very populair in holland and every big tournements is to see on many tv channels.But is very hard to play,because the balls are smaller than in the 8 of 9 balls poolgames.

Re: Hello   
11 Jan 10, 20h59
Membre Premium

 25 years old,

Registered on 5 Jun 09
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   Wow. There aren't many members here.

Anyway, I've the same name on the french version of the site, and I want to improve my poor english.

But... something says me that this place won't be very useful...

Re: Hello   
27 Jul 11, 17h34
   Hello,my name is Mélyna, I am from France !

Re: Hello   
31 Jul 11, 21h38
   Hello, my name is Sarah.

Re: Hello   
7 Aug 11, 10h59

Re: Hello   
8 Aug 11, 22h40
   Hello everybody, me ?
I'm Aymerik, I'm French and i love practise my English here. I am 13 and i love watching TV.

Re: Hello   
8 Aug 11, 22h42
   Why there isn't my picture ?!

Re: Hello   
9 Aug 11, 13h05
   Ben if it is your picture aymeric at least I see it as well farnçaise version of the English version

Re: Hello   
9 Aug 11, 13h07
   Hello my name is arthur i live in saze Near Avignon
I'm 10 years old i come from france

Re: Hello   
27 Dec 16, 12h57
Membre Premium

  Quelque part dans l'univers
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Registered on 7 Apr 16
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   Hello, how are you ?

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