Physical peculiarities !

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Physical peculiarities !   
19 May 19, 19h10

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   Hello everyone,

I open this subject that seems interesting to me and that I have found nowhere else.

Sometimes we are born with a physical peculiarity, something that makes us unique, whether it is a birthmark, a "malformation", or something else, of which we can only be proud because it does what we are.
I invite you to tell us about this or these particularities that define you, which you are proud of or that you may have difficulty accepting.

Re: Physical peculiarities !   
19 Jul 19, 21h49
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   Is it a copy of my own subject on the french forum ?

Ok, I don't have a birthmark but, for exemple, I have a scar on my left hand. I falled on bike when I learnt it, and a shrub branch entered in my hand.
But the scar is really little.

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